RawDev is a practical MVC framework for Rapid Web Development in PHP. Using RawDev you can program web applications faster in your team or by yourself.

RawDev seeks balance between the following eleven principles: simplicity, usability, consistency, flexibility, modularity, speediness (execution), security, reliability (well tested), extendibility, documentation, and power.

RawDev is also intended to be well-documented, collaborative and consistent.

Eat your own dog-food and keep it simple !



RawDev is the choice of framework for contracts that Bokenkamp Consulting. If you are interested to getting a contract implement using RawDev, please contact me. The source code is available for download under the MIT license.


The first milestone is to develop the model, which will be database independent and will have plugin support for sources such as: MySql, PDO, and Excel. With plugins any source can be supported even PHP code or anything you can think of that maps to a relational data structure. The benefit to this approach is that you have uniform access independent of the source in addition that you can make joins between completely different sources. For example you could join a list of blogs in a Google Doc with Alexa rankings and cache the results in a local MySql table in minutes.

Another part of the model is access controls which will include row and column level access privileges to users and roles.

My goal is to demo this functionality at the UI Conference in Philadelphia on July 21st and July 22nd.

  • Performance Testing I IntroductionSpeediness (execution) is one of the principles for RawDev. In order to both improve the execution time of your code as well as getting a better feel for how ...
    Posted Mar 14, 2010, 11:58 AM by Raymond Bokenkamp
  • Practicle example: Querying the Apache log. Introduction The RawDev (data) model is designed to query any relational data in a uniform way. In this example I will show this how that works querying the Apache log ...
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  • Model Layer Overview Introduction Storage of data as well as access to data in RawDev is facilitate by the data aspect or model (such as in MVC). The model is divided into ...
    Posted Feb 27, 2010, 5:47 AM by Raymond Bokenkamp
  • Unit Testing Introduction Unit testing matters because it will make your code more reliable. This is especially true when code needs to be updated as time goes along. Unit testing takes discipline ...
    Posted Feb 20, 2010, 1:11 PM by Raymond Bokenkamp
  • Setup IDE + Debugger IntroductionAlthough RawDev offers debugging tools, it can be useful to use an IDE with a debugger. I will show you how to setup PHP debugging using open source software ...
    Posted Feb 16, 2010, 3:38 PM by Raymond Bokenkamp
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