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Class RDebug



static $return function trace($t, $indent)

Returns a pretty version of the stack trace. By default, debug_backtrace is called but the trace can be specified.

$tarrayOptional stack trace (e.g. when using $exception->getTrace()). debug_stacktrace is not called when set.
$indentstringOptional, for display reasons the indentation (e.g. four spaces).
returns$returnbool When true the trace is not printed but returned.

static void function dump($value*)

Dumps a variable interactively to the console (command line) or to FirePHP console in the browser.

$value*mixedOne or more variables to dump.

static void function displayRecords($records, $maxLength)

Dumps records in a table format similar to mysql (traverses twice, first time to calculate column widths)

$recordsarrayArray of arrays (hash, array or objects).
$maxLengthintThe max length of a column.